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Custom Logo Cooler Bags

Custom cooler bags come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials and brands. They are perfect for a variety of events and special occasions.

We offer a variety of custom logo coolers that can be used for your brand message or logo. When exploring the different options available, it's best to consider the goals of your upcoming marketing campaign.

There are many benefits to customized reefer bags. Some of the advantages you can expect include:


High perceived value

Variety of decorating options

Usability and versatility

Types of Custom Logo Cooler Bags

Our custom logo cooler bags come in different shapes, styles, sizes and colors to meet your marketing needs. You can give away branded insulated bags as lunch coolers for everyday use or choose one of our larger, heavy-duty coolers for camping and family outings. 

How to advertise and brand your business with custom logo cooler bags

Today's cooler bags are a world away from the bulky box coolers of the past. Modern technology has made it possible to turn almost any type of tote or lunch bag into a cooler bag. The key is insulation technology and materials.

Our logo imprinted promotional insulated cooler bags are made with multiple layers. Each bag has an outer layer and a fabric or plastic inner layer. Sandwiched between the outer and inner layers is some type of insulating material, such as PEVA (plastic/vinyl cross). Insulators such as PEVA have strong heat retention properties. The double lining further prevents temperature exchange between the inside and outside of the custom insulated cooler bags.

Any type of custom logo cooler bags can be insulated in this way. SANNE offers a large assortment of imprinted insulated cooler bags that are perfect for taking to the beach, keeping lunch cool, or filling with cold beverages that will stay cold for hours.

Our large insulated cooler bags are a great alternative to traditional promotional logo picnic coolers. They are much lighter in weight and are easy to transport and carry.

Promotional logo cooler bags are great for storing and transporting:

*Beverages, especially canned beverages

*School or work lunches/meals

*Grocery/food items that need to be kept cool on the way home

*Medications that need to be refrigerated

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